Owners Gillian Hicks and Caroline Wyman

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Our 5-year ride with GG’s has come to an end and today we passed the keys to our truck over to a new..

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GG’s Fashion Forward Offers Deals on Wheels

Owners Gillian Hicks and Caroline Wyman

Move over food trucks … and behold the boutique truck! Two East Cobb moms, a love of affordable fashion, and an entrepreneurial spirit have come together to introduce GG’s Fashion Forward, Atlanta’s first mobile fashion boutique.  Owners Caroline Wyman and Gillian Hicks have created the perfect mobile boutique for today’s busy but trend- setting woman. What started as Caroline’s love of shopping for the perfect and most unique bargain for herself has evolved into what will become a new trend on the streets of Atlanta.  “We are doing what we love – shopping, finding great deals and making women happy,” says Caroline.

The two owners started by hosting private parties for their friends and soon discovered that they had more to offer the women of Atlanta. With that, they realized the best way to do this was bring the fashions right to them for a unique shopping experience.

“We showcase some unique fashion items including tops, dresses, jewelry, scarves, hats, purses and other accessories while the host entertains her guests and has a little fun,” says Gillian.

Following the food truck craze that is sweeping the nation, GG’s Fashion Forward can be found at fairs, business parks, food truck parks and even in your own driveway!  Catering to today’s busy lifestyle, combining convenience and affordable prices, most items in the truck are one of a kind and under $40!   GG’s Fashion Forward gives women the feeling of being in an upscale trendy boutique on wheels, complete with a changing room.  You can follow them on facebook, twitter and instagram and the web at www.ggsfashionforward.com or email at info@ggsfashionforward.com.